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Cucidati Italian Fig Cookie


  Italian Fig Cookies, Cucidati, Sicilian Fig Cookies or Christmas Fig Cookies are a few of the names you might find for this deliciously moist, tender and sweet fruit filled cookie.With notes of citrus from fresh orange juice and lemon zest, the unique and richly spiced filling is wrapped inside a buttery sugar cookie dough that’s a dream to work with....

Pizza Dolce Pie


Pizza Dolce is a typical dessert that we make around the holidays.  The Ricotta Cheese makes it a little lighter than a typical cheesecake and the lemon zest gives it a nice fresh flavor.

Pizza Rustica Pie


A deep-dish cousin to quiche that's packed with Italian deli meats and cheeses like prosciutto, ham, soppressata, mozzarella and provolone, this rich pie, also called Easter pie, is traditionally made on Good Friday and served on the holiday to celebrate the end of Lent.

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